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Pieces of Chocolate

Cacao Recipes

Favourite Recipes with Sacred Chocolate

CACAO is known to the Ancient Mayan culture as the 'Food of the Gods'. Cacao is much more than just chocolate as we know it. As one of the highest natural sources of Calcium and Magnesium in perfect ratios that are fully absorbable by the body and an amino acid called PEA, the happy brain chemical - Serotonin.
Why wouldn't you want to substitute it in all delicious chocolate treats.

Dessert-Chocolate Truffles

Sacred Chocolate Bliss Balls

Whether you are using Ceremonial Cacao to go deep in ritual or ceremony, or simply using as an alternative to chocolate, cocoa powder or coffee to create an unbelievably tasty and energising smoothie, desserts, brownies, cakes, spreads etc, or simply to try something new, it is all exciting. The rules are… there are no rules and we invite you to get as creative and playful as possible.

Please share any new recipes if you are called to do so.

Share the Sacred Chocolate LOVE x

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