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Ceremonial cacao has transformed my life, it is my favourite daily ritual that helps me nourish both my physical and energetic body.

Through working with this Sacred and Ancient plant medicine, I have embodied deep connection to her wisdom, her grace and her guidance. It is my honour,  pleasure and privilege to share the medicine of cacao with other souls who are on a path of deepening connection. A connection of heart and mind coherence.

I am trained and apprenticed as a Sacred Chocolate Ceremonialist with Anchoring the Light, working with fundamental principles of the Andean Cosmovision, Ceremony, Shamanic teachings and through the Power of Spirit Breath; gifted and transmitted through the Lineage of the Seven Rays. My deepest gratitude to my teachers who have granted me permission to work with these teachings and serve Cacao Medicine in this way. Maestra Jemmita,  Maestro Puma and my Teacher and Brother Dan P from Spirit Breathwork, Gracias. It is through your love, guidance and your ancient knowledge, in this initiation and these teachings that I have been graced and humbled in deep reunion with so many allies and guides and I now have a way to continue understanding these connections over my remaining time in this physical form. I am connected to Ceremony through my Intention, my Prayer and my Breath. 


Sacred Chocolate Ceremony

What to expect in a Sacred Chocolate Cacao Ceremony

A Sacred Chocolate Cacao Ceremony is a powerful journey around the Chakana Medicine Wheel, calling in allies of the highest frequency to support our ceremony and process. This shamanic journey will connect you with the natural world and guide you deeply into your heart and inner world. Freedom and liberation from a situation you are feeling bound in may come forward for you, a new way to view a situation, healing and reconciliation on a conflict, or higher awareness of allies supporting you. Every ceremony is different, because the prayers and frequencies that come through are specific to the group or being in the ceremony.

Each Ceremony is unique and intuitively guided by my Sacred Connection, our connection and what it is that is required for deep transformational healing at the time.

Allow up to 3 hours

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What is in the Cacao brew?

We use Ceremonial Grade Spirit Cacao. 

Our Ceremonial Cacao is made with Ceremonial Grade Cacao (Ethnically Sourced and grown in Peru), Water, Sweetener (we use coconut nectar), Chilli powder. Ceremonial Cacao is vegan, dairy free, gluten free. If you have an allergy to Chilli, please let me know at the time of booking. The Cacao is not super-duper spicy, we add the chilli to activate the spirit of the medicine.


What is best 1:1 or Group Sessions?

A heartfelt personal preference and dependant on your individual desires, both are profoundly beautiful experiences. If you are looking to have a first and general introduction to Cacao and you love coming together with others in ceremonial spaces, a group cacao ceremony is a perfect opportunity to reconnect and heal with friends and loved ones or to celebrate a special occasion.
If you have something personal you would like clarification on (a challenge, a specific healing, or deep process occuring), or you have a strong need for a  reconnection with your Highest Self or Inner Child (or both), or you want to connect with your allies and build a solid place of communion with them, a 1:1 ceremony would be more suitable. As you can imagine in a group ceremony, what comes through is for the group, and in a 1:1 we can go really deeply into your specific journey and needs.

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