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Spirit Breathwork

Conscious Connected Breathing

During our Sacred 1:1 Spirit Breathwork Session, you will receive many tools, rituals and practices that will assist you to overcome self-limiting beliefs, work on the level of energy and enhance all areas of your life.

If you can give yourself the gift of doing this powerful meditation you will be amazed and how things begin to change for you. Even after a few days you will notice a huge difference.

A powerful healing for centring your energy and tapping into your higher self

- to create the life you want and deserve. 

I will gently guide you on a supported journey, through conscious breath, in achieving a greater sense of self-awareness & the capacity to self heal. You will access suppressed emotion and hidden trauma in the body so it can move on, allowing a vibrational increase within your body system for more love and light to enter.

This journey will allow you to connect into a higher state of consciousness, while being in vibrational alignment to mother earth.

Using the breath & instruments of a sound journey, a profound wave of transformational energy will wash over your entire being, sending waves of healing & love through your receptive body.

An Experience that has personally transformed my own life and now I have the honour of sharing it with you.


Quantum Healing

Exceeding Expectations

The truth is, you’re just moments away from meditating with your team of Divine Assisting Spirit Guides…

Moments away from dissolving worry, stress, getting better sleep, and uplifting your consciousness...

As your team of Spirit Guides is waiting to assist you with their guidance, healing, and blessings.

You see…

Many who follow the nudges, the synchronicities, the insights, and senses…

 Are in fact being guided by a team of Spirit Guides who love, support, and guide you towards your highest path and purpose.

And some people who struggle more than they need to, feel stuck, held back, and worse alone…

I’ve been working with channeling Spirit Guides for over 10 years and have helped 100s of people connect with their spirit guides through channeled sessions...

And now, I want to help you…all you have to do is just be open-minded and trust me…

As you’ll connect to the spirit realms and meet your team of Divine Assisting spirit guides in just 60 Minutes of powerful Light Frequency, divine energy, spiritual energy, and pure relaxing bliss…

You’re just moments away from meditating with your team of Divine Assisting Spirit Guides.

That while feeling uncomfortable about the very talk of the above.... please know


And ALL apart of the Devine plan

This is LIFE intervening on your behalf and creating space to allow the new and HIGHEST VERSION of YOU

Connecting Your Heart and Your Mind


Sacred Chocolate Ceremony

Heart and Mind Coherence, like never before.

It is my ab-soul-ute pleasure, honour and privilege to share the medicine of cacao with other souls who are on a path of deep connection to self and to Spirit.

To have been connected and realigned as a guardian and conduit of this medicine is truly one of my greatest blessing in this life and soon I will be sharing this service with a very humble and grateful heart to all who will also fall in love with this sacred medicine.

As a Trained and Initiated Sacred Chocolate Ceremonialist, I will have the permission and honour to work with these teachings and serve Cacao Medicine.

This will be offered as a Sacred 1:1 Ceremony or as a Sacred Group Session with your most sacred circle.

A session I cherish as a beautiful immersive point of connection to drop us into the most important and greatest ceremony of all - LIFE!

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