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Conscious Connected Breathing

Direct experience of transformation and healing through the power of Breathwork.

I will gently guide you on a supported journey, through your breath, in achieving a greater sense of self-awareness & the capacity to self heal. You will access suppressed emotion and hidden trauma in the body so it can move on, allowing a vibrational increase within your body system for more love and light to enter.
This journey will allow you to connect into a higher state of consciousness, while being in vibrational alignment to mother earth.
Using the breath & instruments of a sound journey, a profound wave of transformational energy will wash over your entire being, sending waves of healing & love through your receptive body.
An Experience that has personally transformed my own life and I have the honour of sharing this sacred journey  with you.


What is Spirit Breathwork

Hello Beautiful Soul


Gosh, the Power of the Spirit Breathwork is TRULY Phenomenal 🙏🏼

I am so honoured you would like to work with me. 

The block is by far the best Commitment to yourself and your healing journey. However I also offer 1 time sessions so as you can feel your way on this journey at your own pace. it's your Journey after all, unique to you.

Saying yes to this will be the most Liberating journey you ever take for yourself. 

I know because I have traversed this path and I continue to be in awe and astonished by the power, hence why I have chosen to also share this Amazing Healing Journey with like minded Souls.

I have over a lifetime known, I am here to guide others, in whatever capacity that is at the time. A gift I am honoured to be of service for.

Spirit Breathwork helps put the breaks on an acute stress response. Created by the world we have been living. You know Fight or Flight Response. 

It reduces stress, creates feelings of  openness, love, peace, gratitude, clarity and Connection back to your heart. 

Spirit Breathwork can release trauma, mental, physical and emotional blocks, anxiety, depression, fear, grief and anger to name just a few. 

I know how much it has changed my life, the people around me whom I walk life with everyday and I have witnessed the astonishing change in others I have been privileged to work with.

I am committed to this exchange and I honour and respect the commitment that we both make with this Sacred Journey we will walk together.

Infinite Love & Light




Cacao Ceremonies


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