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When I accepted who I really was... my entire life and the way I journey through each moment, transformed!

Welcome to Angela Maree - the medicine of healing, love and raising your vibration. Here, you can discover the power of conscious transformation and discover the peace and joy of living in alignment with your highest potential. Together lets get started on your journey to higher consciousness.

You already have wings, you just need to remember how to Fly!

I was blown away by the power of BREATH to create such massive shifts and unlock new possibilities in my life and I knew at that moment I had to share this ancient knowledge.

I have breathed my way through past-lives to access ancient memories and journeyed way out into the cosmos to remember my true multidimensionality.

I have breathed my way through self-doubts, resistance and old destructive ways of thinking and being.

A huge part of you reaching your full potential is doing deep inner work to clear out the limiting beliefs, suppressed emotions and energetic blockages that get in the way of you fully expressing yourself and experiencing wellbeing in mind, body and soul.

Breathwork has helped me to do all of these things and more and that's why I am inspired to share this with you.

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LOVES all things Nature, especially waterfalls and swimming in the ocean when its raining, deep empath, big open spaces, lover of Travel and the Adventure it holds in the unknown, very serious about guiding people to deeper connection and cherishes spending moments in her sacred home with her children and grandson.

I delight in the small things, I relish in the abundance of beauty all around me, I am reserved and quiet and take the back seat until feeling completely comfortable and at ease with the space I am in. I can and have put up massive walls around me and this is very powerful. I can change a rooms mood by my presence alone and I can read energy in a heart beat if I allow myself to tune in.


A little story of how I landed here...

My highest self carries this presence of grace, deep deep gratitude and reverence. The journey I have traversed and continue to navigate is one that brings me into deeper and deeper connection to this highest expression of my soul and is connecting me to Spirit more and more everyday. Something I have had the ability to do for as long as I can remember. However in an often spiritually deficient modern culture, we have developed a kind of mystical amnesia. We have forgotten the genuine, effective and astonishing power of spiritual intervention that can be evoked by an open heart.

Like most of us, as I grew and traversed my 20's and even 30's disconnected from this expression and from any remembering of my soul's greater plan. My life (perfectly) led me down a path of a couple toxic relationships to the masculine,  disconnection from my femininity, no real ties to Mother Earth and a very over-worked anxious and mostly toxic mind, running on autopilot, not being truly connected to anything or anyone.

As a Mother at the tender age of just 18, and 2 by the time I was 21 these things manifested into very turbulent relationship experiences, very strained relationships with both men, women and mostly myself and no real ability to hold space for anyone including myself. It was easier pretending with wonderment or joy from the gifts of nature (much more interested in material things), no ownership of my emotions (especially the big ugly ones), oh and to top it off, diagnosed and medicated for depression, after trying to take my own life a few times.

This is a journey until recent years, I hid out of shame and not acknowledging just how significant my life up until recently was a very integral part of my mission, my soul purpose. It is how I have learnt resilience, compassion, strength, the ability to mentor others, to Love, and most importantly to Love myself. I now wear this badge with honour and challenge anyone wishing to bring me down energetically.

We are tried and tested in this life time to grow and flourish as souls. The experiences cast upon us in this human form can at times seem truly unfair. It rips your heart to the core, it leaves you with an emptiness that words will never be able to describe. 

I know I have felt this pain, the pain of longing to belong to something (yet not knowing what that was), the emptiness of having everything ripped from you, the feeling of still having nothing even though you seem to have everything. The grief of watching your father pass by a disease so cruel, then witnessing your mother find her place in this world again after holding space for the one and only man ever to be in her life.  When your very husband is close to death from a disabling work accident that thrusts your entire world into heart wrenching months of operations, hospitals, grief, loss, sadness and knowing it has forever changed life as you knew it.

On the other side of all of the pain, tears and heart ache is a new path, a new way of being. We where being asked to ignite our imaginable selves and begin to look at life through new eyes to create a new vision. 

What  we once considered important for  us, is no longer our focus. A desire for inner peace , love and connection and happiness is becoming the new indicator of success.

I have grown to realize that life was about educating yourself on how to become a better person, and then being that person you were meant to be. Greatness would never be found in possessions, power, position, or prestige. It would be discovered in goodness, humility, service and character. As we embarked on this opportunity to do good in the world, remember that you were a Child of Spirit, Source whatever you may look to, who was sent to this earth to perform a special mission and only you through connection back to your heart will remember what that mission is.

There are so so many things I could add to that list, but I think you get the idea - life was happening to me, I was a complete passenger, absolutely stuck in the victim seat!! 

How that Journey as led me on a new path of excitement  back to my authentic self. I would be truly honoured to walk that path with as many like minded souls, bringing Peace, Love, abundance and a conscious way of living back to Pachamama 'Mother Earth' in every way possible.

Love & Light

Angela xxx

To be continued....

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